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账单 英文

amount charged-----用取了 -- - - balance 余额 -- - -


Brokerage clients will be prodded to give up paper account statements for cheaper electronic documents.

this is your bill

发给客户让他付款的对账单 英文翻译 Send a bill to the customer for his payment

对账单 [词典] statement of account; [例句]支票薄存根与我的银行对账单不相符合。 The checkbook stubs don't tally with my Bank statement.

I asked the bank, and confirmed there are duplicate charges. However, it needs to wait 2 to 3 bussiness day which after the bank finish the process to get the final confirmation and the detail bank statement. Hope everything is...

Have you finished the check? 问话表示动作已该完成,用现在完成时态

消费的账单 Bills

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