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好长...... 首先这个暑假我啥都没做 当然~除了吃饭睡觉 玩游戏~ first of all,I have done nothing in this summer vacation, of course, except eatting sleep and playing games. 所以今天我想我能讲的 就是这个暑期我在网上的所见~ So, I th...

; 范吉利斯 ; 出埃及记舒缓一些的 适合叙述、简介时用 ;Children's Dawn Blessing Denean ; bandari

What would people like to eat on their birthday? The answer would be different in different countries. In many countries, people have birthday ... zxc8301603 | 发布于2010-02-06 22:54 评论 19 6 怎么查不到啊! 热心网友| 发布于2015-...

中文仅供参考 A kid got stuck on a sliver of silver 一个孩子在珠宝店被捕 Watched in the street by a gang of builders 被一群建筑工人围观着 ...

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